Bakersfield now has a premium driving range experience, at affordable pricing, with the Ultimate Drive, which is a Driving Range with Toptracer, powered by Top Golf. Giving you features, games and modes for all ages and skill levels.

Take the stats and power of a simulator outside where you can see your ball fly through the air, with Toptracer technology seen on TV on the PGA Tour. This is a great training resource, especially with limited winter daylight hours meaning you have less time to play out on the course. The Ultimate Drive is open until 10pm every night and is located in Southwest Bakersfield ( formerly Jose's Driving Range with major upgrades ), giving you less reasons to get out and hit a few balls. The Ultimate Drive has traditional driving bays as well as the TopTracer bays, if you want to hit balls without all the bells and whistles of the launch monitors.

There are a lot of cool bells and whistles, which you need to check out in person, but here's a quick run down of what TopTracer powered by Top Golf can do.

Range with Social Features

With the TopTracer app, guests can link their profiles, giving you all of your top tracer shot history on a club by club basis, and see how you rank up with leaderboards for all the formats.

What's in my Bag

This is a great resource for your game development. Pick your club you're going to hit, select a target, and hit your shots. Watch your stats, see your ball flight, and when you're done, get all your stats on your phone, so next time you're on the course, you know what you hit each and every club through the TopTracer Range Network.

Launch Monitor

Train like a professional with the launch monitor giving you all the data you need to make your golfing game better. See your distance carry and total, ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target.

Long Drive Competition

Who can bomb their drives the farthest? Measure your drives with the latest technology and see who really deserves the bragging rights. With Long Drive Competition mode, hit into a virtual long drive grid setup for up to 8 players.

Closest to the Pin

Are your irons dialed in? Willing to put your pride on the line? Challenge your friends to a game of Closest to the Pin.

Points Game

If you have played at a Top Golf location, you probbably played a points game, Toptracer range also have a points game, aim for the different flags and score points on your distance from the target. 

Play Virtual Golf in some of the World's Best Courses

This mode gives Guests the opportunity to play some of the world’s greatest golf courses right from the Ultimate Drive. Play 9 or a full 18 holes without ever have to leave the range.

The Ultimate Drive Leagues

The Ultimate Drive even has weekly leagues, where you and your partner can play Virtual 9 hole matches ( with handicap ) over the course of approx 12 weeks, with playoffs. Winter league has just ended, so look out for a recap of the winter league on Golf Kern coming in a future blog post. 


TopTracer Bays are rented per hour ( or partial hour after the first hour), not per person or size of the bucket of balls you hit. There are peak and off peak pricing, and memberships reduce your hourly pricing. 
Click here for their pricing information on the Ultimate Drive Golf Website

Watch this video to find out more about The Ultimate Drive

The Ultimate Drive is a great facility, run by great people, with great value for money ( memberships makes it even better ).
We're excited to see them in town, and know this will only help grow the golfing community.

Go check them out, visit the Ultimate Drive Golf Website and keep an eye out on more information from us as we dive deeper into TopTracer ourselves.