The Ultimate Drive, a local driving range in Southwest Bakersfield is serious about practice. With top tracer technology, mats, and grass hitting areas, its one of the best places to practice in town, day or night, but it still had one thing going against it.... range balls. This is going to change, as the Ultimate Drive just took delivery of 17,000 new Bridgestone Practice Golf Balls.

Owner Operator Jim Swafford is serious about growing the golf game, as you can see from a quote from social media.

After being a local golfer who frequently this facility, I felt that I could make a impact on the golf industry. Thus, The Ultimate Drive was born! Nothing makes us happier than to see families start to take up our great game!

One of the biggest complaints golfers have at a range are the mismatch of range balls, showing their age. The yellow balls the Ultimate Drive currently have are only the best of the best, removing hundreds of chipped and scratched balls over the last few months. 17,000 Golf balls is a lot of balls, and that is what it takes to keep a great facility like this running, these new balls will bring your practice up to another level. Usually you'll see loss of distance and weird shot shapes with range balls, but not with quality balls like the Bridgestone practice balls. 

This isn't the first big investment the Ultimate Drive has made. The Top Tracer technology was a major investment, but the results speak for themselves. The Spring League starts the first week in March, I hope you signed up, because spots were filling up fast. The monthly leaderboard games are getting lots of attention, with players trying to make the top spot before the end of the month, February's leaderboard game is the Points game ( similar to Top Golf for those who have played that ).

One of the most popular games seems to be the Virtual Golf. Often simulators have virtual golf, but this is even better when you're hitting real balls, out into a real range, and watching the shots on the top tracer displays.
If you'd like to know more about the options Top Tracer gives you, check back as we release a special video series of real bogey golfers trying all the features and formats, including the Points Game, Long Drive, Closest to the Hole, Virtual Golf, and what in your bag.

If you have not been, check out the Ultimate Drive. Say hi to Jim, and hit some of the new golf balls.
Remember - Lunch special gives you the best value for Top Tracer Bays, only $15 for a full hour and unlimited balls between 12 and 2pm week days.

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