The 7th ( maybe 8th ) annual Sundale Country Club Super Bowl Golf Tournament was another big success. With 29 teams of 4 golfers, 116 golfers all up, there was a lot of money in the pot, paying out 7 teams, and the 50/50 raffle paid out some nice prizes as well. 

The format was a shamble, where all players play their second shot from the location of the best 1st shot of all players on the team. The scoring is based on the best gross ball, and then 2 best net scores ( out of the 3 remaining players ) per hole, added together for a team score per hole. In 2018 the scoring was best gross and best net, allowing 2 players per team to have a bad hole, but this year, with best gross and two best net, only one player could afford a bad hole, meaning everyone had to be on point for your team to score well.

Play moved fairly quick, and all the teams made it back to the clubhouse before the heavens opened with some heavy rain. Perfect timing, giving the winners to enjoy their prizes, and the rest of us to lick our wounds and head home to watch the Super Bowl.

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The Results

With 29 teams, the top 7 teams made the money cut. Unfortunately, with 4 teams tied for 5th, one of those teams missed the money due to being placed 8th via a card off. 



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