Gavin from Golf Kern is down at the Ultimate Drive range in Southwest Bakersfield, to give you the update on the Ultimate Drive Top Tracer Long Drive Leaderboard for March 2019. 

We did a few long drive challenges during March on the channel ( which you can watch at the links below ), and we tried to reach the top of the leaderboard. Watch this video and see how we did.
April 2019's Leaderboard is Closest to the pin, we'll give you a little information about that in the video too.

Watch the Video

If you want to keep an eye on how we do, Gavin's name in top tracer is gpickin, and Mike's name in top tracer is mikep

Here are the previous videos

Long Drive Challenge 1 - Old Yellow Range Balls

Long Drive Challenge 2 - New Bridgestone White Balls