Gavin and Mike are back for a rematch in the Long Drive Challenge. In this challenge, we tried out the new Bridgestone Practice Ball that the Ultimate Drive purchased, which are a huge step up on the normal Yellow range balls. We saw some big differences in ball speed, flight and distance, see if we can work our way further up the leaderboard.

We love being able to head down to The Ultimate Drive and play the Top Tracer long drive game. There is something about hitting real balls on the range that beats a simulator any day of the week, with the Top Tracer technology ( like you've see on TV ) measures ball speed, launch angle and most important carry and total distance, and if the shot lands in the long drive grid. 

With 3 shots per round, we'll play 3 rounds plus tie breaker rounds or until we run out of the White Golf Balls.
So each player will get 9 shots, with only the balls in the grid counting.


The Ultimate Drive has a leaderboard through the top tracer range system, so there is bragging rights in the video, but also on the leaderboard too. 1st place on the leaderboard for each month wins a prize, and March 2019 is long drive. 

Check back for an update on the leaderboard for March and see where we ended up.