4 Man Round Robin is a format I had heard of, but funnily enough, was a different format than I had thought. This version of 4 Man Round Robin is actually a modified version of Orange Ball, but without the Orange Ball. To explain this format, we'll cover Orange Ball and how this format is different. 

What is Orange Ball Format?

Orange Ball is a format where a team of 4 players, pick their order, A B C D, and every hole, a different player plays the orange ball. On the first hole, player A plays the orange ball, second hole, player B, then C D A B C D all the way around the course. What is so special about the orange ball? The orange ball player has to record their score on the hole, in addition your tournament might choose to pick the best ball of the remaining players, or best 2 balls. So when you are playing the orange ball, you have to step up your game.

What's wrong with the Orange Ball Format?

Playing a golf ball that is different than you favorite can mess with your game, or at least your head, so some players do not like this game, but the main reason this game is looked down upon from some tournament organizers is the lost ball rule. If your team loses the orange ball, your team is disqualified. That can put a dampener on the tournament for a team who loses the ball, and sometimes the pressure of playing that ball can be a little too much. For tournaments with high handicappers, this game is not a good match.

What's the 4 Man Round Robin Format?

The 4 Man Round Robin works the same way, without the orange ball. So everyone plays their own ball, the entire round. If you are player A, you are still required to score your ball on hole 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, player B on 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, player C on 3, 7, 11, 15, and player D on 4, 8, 12, 16. If you are SELECTED player for that hole, you do not need to worry about your team being disqualified if you lose a ball, just mess up the hole maybe. 

How does the handicap work with this format?

Since all the players play their own ball for each hole, normal handicap applies. Some tournament organizers might have a max combined handicap, or a max spread, but usually each player uses their own ball and handicap.

How does scoring work with this format?

Every hole, your team will score your SELECTED player's score, gross ( and net ) and the best ball ( or 2 best ) of the remaining players. 
Example: Hole 1, Player A shoots 5, B shoots 6, C shoots 3 and D shoots 4 ( net 2 ).
Gross you have to score A 5, and C 3
Net you would score A 5 and D 2
Even though A's score was not one of the 2 best for gross or net, because they were the selected player for that hole, you have to use their score.

Why choose 4 Man Round Robin?

Removing the lost ball DQ is a big plus over Orange Ball. Having a round robin format means your team has to be balanced, and you cannot rely on one or two players carrying the team. This usually evens out the field, and makes the tournament more competitive for all teams involved. Scores are all individual, so you can post your scores for handicap purposes, and take pride in the number you shoot, even