The Ultimate Driving range powered by TopTracer range can really take your game to the next level, or give you another way to enjoy golf. TopTracer Range has many different mini games, but with the virtual golf, The Ultimate Drive offers a Virtual Golf League now too. To find out a little more, watch this video with owner Jim, as he tells you a little more.

League Format and Scoring

The league starts with the first 2 weeks of competition setup to help establish your TopTracer handicap... different from your GHIN and USGA handicap. After the first 2 weeks, the remaining weeks, you will play the other teams, in a round robin format. Each player plays 9 holes of stroke play, with the best ball being used for match play scoring. If your team wins 6 holes to 3 holes, you will get bonus 2 points for the win, giving your team the total of 8 points in the league. At the end of the round robin rounds, a seeded playoff begins, with seeds decided by league points. Bye weeks and top seeds vs bottom seeds system, similar to football is used, until we get a winner.

The owner, Jim said that players show up early, to get warmed up, and have a great time, playing golf, making new friends, and hitting shots into the night, until he has to kick everyone out. It sounds like a great time, for a great price.

Winter League Winners

Congratulations to our league winners!!!
1st place and $1250 goes to Eric Rivas and Jeff Campbell
2nd place and $750 goes to John Camp and Brady Garner
3rd place and $500 goes to Bryan Deck and Tyler Luna @ The Ultimate Drive

Spring League Details

Starts Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
Shotgun start: 7:00 pm
Registration: $50 for 2 man team
Weekly Green Fees: $20 per person - Includes $10 for Prize Purse
Stroke Play Format - Handicap adjusted with established TopTracer Handicap

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