Gavin, Mike and Lee from Golf Kern went down to the Ultimate Drive range in Southwest Bakersfield, to show you how the Top Tracer closest to the Pin game works, explaining the April leaderboard works and then having a little game. 

Every month the Ultimate Drive has a leaderboard challenge, where everyone competes for the top spot. If you win, you'll win approx $200 of time and merch. Every time you play on the Top Tracer, it tracks your best shots, and this month is Closest to the Pin. We invited Lee Rangel out to show him how the Top Tracer games work, and try our own little closest to the pin challenge.

Challenge Format and Rules

We decided to do 3 rounds of 3, so 9 shots each. We decided to add a couple of extra categories to decide who wins, since anyone can hit one lucky shot, right. So this is how we did it.

Best Ball Closest to the Hole - Whoever got closest in their best shot. We'd give out points, 10 for closest, 5 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd.
Number of balls to hit the green - You get a point for every ball you land and stick the green - This rewards the player who hits a lot of greens but might not be the closest.
The total distance for your best 5 shots - This rewards the player who hits the green a lot, and is consistent, but might not be the closest. If you don't have 5 shots that hit the green, your misses count at 50 ft, so you better not miss too many shots.

This format was fun, and hopefully crowned a true winner, not someone who hits it in the water 8 times and sticks one in at 2 ft for the win.

Enough talk, go watch the video.

Watch the Video

April 2019's Leaderboard is Closest to the pin, come on down to the Ultimate Drive and try your luck.
If you want to keep an eye on how we do, Gavin's name in top tracer is gpickin, and Mike's name in top tracer is mikep, Lee's name in top tracer is svt13.

Long Drive Challenge

We did a few long drive challenges during March on the channel ( which you can watch at the links below ), and we tried to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Long Drive Challenge 1 - Old Yellow Range Balls

Long Drive Challenge 2 - New Bridgestone White Balls

Recap - Find out the winner of the March 2019 Long Drive Leaderboard at The Ultimate Drive